BATEO is an artificial arm mounted on an electric wheelchair to replace the dysfunctional arm of handicapped patients.






DiSiRt – Disinfection Robot


Fast autonomous COVID-19 (SARS-CoV2) disinfection. The new generation of DiSiRt disinfection robots is designed to safely disinfect rooms where many people are present during the day.



Robotic Platforms


  • Indoor omnidirectional motion
  • Omnidirectional Platform with Suspension
  • Mobile 4W Platform
  • Mobile platform with suspension







ARIA is an intelligent industrial robot for medical applications. The spectrum of its applications is very wide.



RAMCIP: Robot Reserach to help people with mild cognitive impairment

Supporting elderly people with Mild Cognitive Impairment is key to helping them lead independent lives for longer. The Information Technologies Institute is the coordinator of the project RAMCIP (Robotic Assistant for MCI Patients at home), which is going to research and develop a novel robot that can provide proactive and discreet assistance to elderly people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) in their own home, to support their independent living and quality of life.


In the frame of the project ReMeDi a robot system is designed that features medical tele-examination of patients. Successful medical treatment depends on a timely and correct diagnosis, but the availability of doctors of various specializations is limited, especially in provincial hospitals or after regular working hours. Use case scenarios targeted in ReMeDi feature a robot capable a performing a physical examination, specifically of the two most widespread examination techniques: 1) palpation as well as 2) ultrasonographic examination. 



21 efficient servo actuators (actuated eyes, eye lids, eyebrows, lips, ears, mouth). Preprogrammed and user defined emotions. Speech engine mimicking the mouth/lips motions. Soft ears, lips, eyebrows. Control from any PC with intuitive software. ROS software stacks available. Customizable advanced vision and audio system. Stereo in-ear microphone system optimized for speech recording. Optional speaker system for speech reproduction. Desktop or robot mounts available. Additional sensors available on request. Optional zero-backlash neck with 3 Degrees of Freedom and Harmonic Drive gears.



The goal of the Interactive Urban Robot (IURO) project is to develop and implement methods and technologies enabling robots to navigate and interact in densely populated, unknown human-centred environments and retrieve information from human partners in order to achieve a given navigation or interaction goal.


Mobility disabilities are prevalent in our ageing society and impede activities important for the independent living of elderly people and their quality of life. The MOBILITY-BOT project aims at supporting mobility and thus enforcing fitness and vitality by developing intelligent active mobility assistance robots for indoor environments that provide user-centred, context-adaptive and natural support.