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ACCREA has many years of experience in the fields of robotic, control and systems engineering.

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We design & prototype of robotic and control systems

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ACCREA is a research-oriented spin-off company from Technische Universität München

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We turn ideas into robots

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ACCREA is an engineering and design office, established in May 2007. It is formed by a team of robotics and control specialists experienced in international projects. Our specialists are engaged in the expertise of robotic systems, as well as the design and manufacture of mechatronic devices. Based on our knowledge, skills and professionally equipped workshop, we create the highest quality mobile robots and robotic manipulators. We also develop real-time software that controls robots.


All ACCREA's products are developed based on expertise and knowledge of the latest technologies using dedicated CAD/CAM engineering programs.

Our engineers use experience gained in scientific research projects and practice in designing for industry.

When creating new equipment, we always look for optimal solutions, maintaining the highest standards.


ACCREA is the ideal solution for clients who expect unique, custom-built projects. Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to face the solution of the most difficult construction problems, at the same time we try to take into account all the requirements of the Client both during the design and implementation works.


We ensure a smooth transition through all phases of project implementation – from the idea, through the design and development of production technology, to the creation of the final product.

Project offer

Production offer

3D rapid prototyping offer

Design of components in CAD / CAM

Creation of 2D and 3D technical documentation, visualization

Real-time programming (MATLAB/SIMULINK, C, C++, Python

Verification of technical documentation for robotic systems and equipment

Building and testing prototypes and robot manipulators

Production of simple and complex details on CNC machines (milling, turning)

Machine park: HAAS CNC lathe (model ST-20), HAAS CNC milling machine (model VF3) and others


3D design

3D scanning 

3D printing of prototypes